Take Control of Your Minerals

Our team of local experts created a simple technology that will revolutionize how you manage your minerals. MineralTracker allows you to audit your monthly checks, forecast future revenue and production, store your documents, and map your wells. Plus, with a MineralTracker Pro account, you are connected directly with our experts.

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MineralTracker Makes Things Easier

Successful mineral management can be complex and time consuming. Not anymore. MineralTracker technology simplifies the process, so you can spend your time the way you want to.

MineralTracker's Features

Created by mineral owners for mineral owners, MineralTracker gives you the tools you need to manage your minerals well.

  • Monthly Revenue Audit
  • Future Income Projections
  • Map Your Wells, Rigs and Permits
  • Store Documents Electronically
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Additional Expert Service

MineralTracker’s professionals can help you at every step of mineral ownership.

  • Mineral Management
  • Mineral Appraisal
  • Oil and Gas Asset Sale
  • Consulting Services
  • Reserves Based Lending

Expert Services

Created for Your Convenience

MineralTracker’s team of expert petroleum engineers created an analysis for every well in North Dakota, allowing MineralTracker to accurately predict your future income and production for every well in your portfolio.

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