Add Your Wells

Learn How to Add Your Wells

MineralTracker was created to be user-friendly and many accounts can be set up in under 10 minutes!

To get started, have royalty check stubs ready for each well in which you hold an interest. If you have any questions, contact us with the ‘Ask and Expert’ feature located in the left menu (Pro Plan only), reach us by phone at (833) 842-2924 or email us at


Screen showing adding your wells


  1. Click the Well List page on the left sidebar menu on the MineralTracker dashboard. From here, you can add each well in which you hold an interest. We update our database and sync it with the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources to have the most recent information available.
  2. On the Add Your Wells page, locate the two data entry boxes: Oil and Gas Company and Wells. Find the oil and gas company and the well name using your check stub. In the Oil and Gas Company box, use the drop-down menu or begin typing the name of the oil company which wrote you the check. Next, input the names of the specific wells in the Wells box. Click the +Add button after adding all the oil companies and well names. If you need to add a well in the future, you can add new wells at any time from this page.

Your wells will then be displayed on the page in a list. Your list will show well names, operators, well status, working interest and owner decimal interest. From this list, you can continue to add more wells by clicking the +Add button or delete wells by clicking the trash can icon.

  1. Locate the owner decimal interest rate found on your monthly royalty statement.Look carefully: Every oil and gas company check stub looks slightly different and the decimal interest rate is sometimes referred to by other names. Depending on the oil and gas company, this interest is referred to as ‘revenue interest’, ‘interest’, ’owner interest’, ’distribution interest’, ‘or decimal interest’.If you have trouble finding your decimal interest, you can contact the oil company or reach out to us with the ‘Ask an Expert’ feature available with the MineralTracker Pro plan or by calling us at (833) 842-2924 or emailing

*Important Note: Burlington Resource/ConocoPhillips revenue statements do not display your correct decimal interest. If you are entering decimal interests for a Burlington Resources/ConocoPhillips well, we recommend either 1) Referencing your original division order for your correct decimal interest, 2) Contact the company royalty owner relations department and requesting your actual decimal interest, or 3) Reach out to the MineralTracker Team using the ‘Ask an Expert’ feature available with the MineralTracker Pro plan.

  1. Enter your decimal interest for the specific well in the Owner Decimal Interest data entry box. The decimal interest can be edited in the future if the amount changes. Simply click the number inside the box, input the new amount, and finish by clicking the save icon.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your well portfolio. Navigate to the Dashboard to view your information by clicking Dashboard on the left side menu.