Ask an Expert

Learn How to Ask an Expert

MineralTracker gives you access to real-world oil and gas experts who have years of experience managing minerals for families and individuals just like you. Users can send questions through the ‘Ask an Expert’ feature to MineralTracker’s petroleum engineers and certified mineral managers. With the ‘Ask an Expert’ feature, you have an expert working for you.

MineralTracker was created by mineral owners, and they understand the issues you face. Working with oil companies is challenging, and owning minerals often feels like you are trying to manage your minerals alone. ‘Ask an Expert’ removes the doubt you have about managing your minerals, and allows you to have an expert who knows your situation and can help you answer the questions you have a tough time answering on your own.


Screen show asking an expert


  1. Begin by clicking the Ask an Expert button on the left ribbon. This will open the Ask an Expert dashboard where you can submit your questions.
  2. Click inside the text box and begin writing your question. MineralTracker’s expert team can answer your questions on mineral appraisals, valuations, reporting, and other mineral management services.
    Ask an Expert is for all MineralTracker users, but Pro Plan users can ask more in-depth questions and receive more advanced answers than Basic users can. Become a Pro Plan user to gain the fill access of the Ask an Expert feature.
  3. Click the dark Submit button underneath the text box. You question is then sent to MineralTracker’s expert petroleum engineers and certified mineral managers. All questions are responded to as quickly as possible.
  4. Responses are replied via email. Keep an eye on your email inbox for a response from our expert team. Responses are written to be understandable, but if you need further clarification or explanation, contact MineralTracker directly to speak with a MineralTracker team member.

MineralTracker’s experts answer your questions and also put you in touch with the best people to bring solutions. The ability to send direct questions to experts is helpful to mineral owners to being understanding their assets. Use the Ask an Expert feature to start answering questions and begin feeling confident in your minerals.