Store Your Documents

Learn How to Store your Documents

Add monthly statements, division orders, leases, and any other important documents to organize your portfolio and prepare for future transactions, payment issues, and family transitions.

MineralTracker makes it easy for you to securely upload and store documents like statements, division orders, leases, and any other important documents letting you get away from storing documents in a shoebox or a pile on the kitchen table. In addition, for royalty owners with interests with multiple operators, it is a challenge to keep track of documents from each of the operators with some operators providing documents only in paper copy and others using various digital storage systems.

MineralTracker consolidates this information and keeps all your information in one, easy-access location, giving you an organized method to keep all your information accessible and secured in one place.



  1. Click Documents on the left ribbon to be directed to the document storage feature. All your documents you upload will be stored here and you can access all of them from this page.
  2. To upload documents, first select the type of document on the top ribbon displaying Revenue Statements, Division Order, Lease, Deed, or
  3. Click the large box titled Drag & Drop Documents Here with the dashed border. Your File Explorer will open and you can then locate the documents you want to upload. Click the specific document you want to upload and then click Open. Another way you can upload documents is by opening your File Explorer, clicking and dragging the specific document and dropping it in the upload box on MineralTracker.
  4. When a document is uploaded, you can update the file name so it’s descriptive and easy to read. If you’re uploading revenue statements, you can select the date of the check, the production month, and the operator.
  5. Complete the upload process by clicking the dark Upload
  6. Your uploaded documents will appear below the Drag & Drop Documents Here Click on their name to access the document and view it. Edit and remove it by clicking the note pad icon on the right side under the title, Edit.
  7. Navigate your different documents by clicking Revenue Statements, Division Order, Lease, Deed, or Misc.

Document Storage

MineralTracker utilizes similar security systems as financial institutions to maximize your security. Information you store here is for your eyes only. If you want to share any information with family, mineral managers or lawyers, you can give them your username and password or simply download the document and send it to them.